planning pages

FS Binder — Recipe Indexes Master  — This planning page lists the name of each recipe by it’s specific number and food category.  Based on the colored dots found at the top of each recipe card (I explain my “dot system key” in the 2nd introduction video) it also details which recipes are suited for what.  This page needs to be made before calendaring your recipes and will become an easy reference to know which recipes are which.

FS Binder — Recipe Calculations Index  –This page is created after calendaring your recipes and then summing up the number of times each recipe will be made in your plan.  It will be used in creating the ingredient summaries that will be placed on the back of each recipe card as well as in putting together your food storage tracking system.

Recipe Spreadsheet  — This excel spreadsheet is given for those who want to use it in tallying their ingredient summaries to put on the back of the recipe cards.  It’s sized to fit 4 x 6 size after it’s printed.

Ingredient summary — Chicken 1,2,3  –This is an example of 3 of my chicken recipe’s ingredient summaries.  It’s important that you include the basic recipe requirements (1 x) as well as the final amount you are planning to store (in this case, 5 x) so that you can easily figure out what needs to be replaced as you track it all.

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