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Book Review: Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast

3 Dec

So, hello again!  It’s been a while. Don’t worry though, I’m still here, I’ve just been buzzing around lately getting used to a new family schedule at home.  Let me fill you in just a little on what I’ve been up to (and no, I’m not quitting blogging)…

{Personal} Update Time…

Before starting the blog, my husband and I homeschooled three of our kids for more than five years.  After a big move across the country, we felt much more comfortable with our new area’s public schools so we enrolled the kids in school.  Lucky for me, this window of time allowed the opportunity I needed to post recipes here in earnest and get the ball rolling, which I’m very grateful for.

Well, a couple months ago the winds changed and my husband and I realized a lot of good for our specific kids’ needs would be met if we returned to homeschooling again.  We went with it and that’s where I’ve been spending a great majority of time lately.  Although it’s been a busy adjustment, I’ve been sincerely loving it and life is very good.

This doesn’t mean I won’t continue to post when I can, but you’ll need to be patient with me. Another place we can connect is via Facebook where I post more regularly .  If you’re ever wanting to find me to see what I’ve been up to, that would be a good place to find me.  Also, as for Twitter, I’ll see about working on my presence there, but right now my focus is really at home.

Wonder Ovens

Personal life updates aside, I’ve been excited for all the recent interest in Wonder Ovens.  I was invited to contribute a power packed introduction post all about them for Backdoor Survival’s Blog recently.  Additionally, there continues to be lots of interest from emails I’ve gotten both asking for wonder oven paper patterns and hearing back from readers who’ve finished making them for themselves.  I love being a part of it!

Just so you know, my last batch of paper patterns went out in the mail just last week and I’m planning my next batch to go out in February.  If you’re interested, yes, I’m still sending them out!  Email me at along with a physical mailing address to send it to.  If you’re living in the US, I’ve started asking for a return of $2 to cover the shipping.  You can just mail it back to me using my return address or I can send you an invoice through Paypal.

Book Review (!)

So, on to today’s business.  I was so excited to get to be a part of a blog tour for a wonderful new book that’s come out on sour dough/ natural yeast cooking.

Authored by Melissa Richardson, her second book “Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast”, builds on principles taught in her first book “The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast”.  Since I was gifted my first start over the summer by a generous reader, I was particularly interested to find out the publishing company for this book was looking for blogs to review it.  They needed reviewers and I needed instructions.  Since I’m such a beginner when it comes to baking with natural yeast this book absolutely thrilled me for all the options which were discovered!

Beyond Basics Yeast (6)

This is my fun start container, btw.  And now, I’ve found a great book to boot! Continue reading

Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Homemade French Bread

21 Feb

Print the recipe pages!  

roasted red pepper soup

homemade french bread

Jarred roasted red peppers perform just as well as fresh would in this soup, as long as you buy the right brand.  Lucky for us, a team of tasters have given us an idea of the best brand(s) to buy and the results are linked below.  And good news, the most inexpensive brand came in first!

Taste this and you’ll see…it’s completely possible that restaurant cooks have known about jarred roasted red peppers all along.  So why not use this tip (and this ingredient) to perk up your food storage plan as well?  

Paired along with the soup is some wonderful homemade french bread.  I’ll tell you what, absolutely no one is going to turn this meal down!  And btw, this soup is great both on it’s own or as a base to add ingredients to.  Try adding in pasta, rice or chicken if you like.

serves 6-8

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book find!

21 Mar

Our family’s spring break adventure last week was awesome!  We took a 4,700 mile road trip to visit Mormon church history sites ranging from Missouri to New York and everyone had a great time.  Well, with all that driving there was a lot of spare time in the car.  Luckily, while in a book store in NY,  this book caught my eye and helped to pass a portion of the time.  I ‘m really happy I found it and I’m excited to share it with you!

The book is called “The Forgotten Skills of Self Sufficiency used by the Mormon Pioneers” by Caleb Warnock.  If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll tell you a little bit about it.  The book focuses on how early pioneers were able to plant and harvest, both during the main growing season as well as early/ late season so as to nearly always have fresh food to eat.  I’ll tell you, speaking personally, if there’s one draw back to cooking with food storage you learn early on it’s the measure to which you find yourself missing fresh vegetables along side a meal!  I’m really excited about the ideas contained in this book as well as the author’s plans for subsequent books to be coming out in the next year or so.  Here’s a bit of what you’ll find… Continue reading