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Wonder Oven ONE Day Give Away!

29 Sep

Wrapping up National Preparedness Month, I’d like to give away this super cute wonder oven to help at least one more person get more prepared!  For those who’ve been wanting one for a while, here’s your chance!

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Wishing for a Wonder Oven?

26 Aug

Heads up!  Save the date and be sure to get here on time.

The post will go up @10 am CT!

Labor Day preview

Labor Day preview


Calling Southeast Idaho: Food Storage Classes

5 Jul

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Hanging Up the Apron

5 Jun

The joyous day has finally come …for me at least!!  After almost two years and 151 recipes, I’m finally ready to “call it good” as far as recipes go.  While I haven’t made every solitary thing that can possibly be made with food storage, I’m confident that within the methods I’ve shared everything important is covered.
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