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Week #2 Winners!

22 Feb

Participants were busy this week, each having increased in points earned from their previous week and going up against new participants who’ve joined in!

Our top finisher set an impressive first week’s earnings making breakfasts, dinners, bread and desserts!  Besides the number of recipes she made — eight in all — in nearly everyone she utilized non-electric options, boosting her recipes with additional bonus points and ending with a total of 47 points this week! Continue reading

Week #1 Winners!

15 Feb

Wow, thanks for all of your great entries this week!!  In case you didn’t catch my little tribute to you yesterday on facebook, I’ll say it again briefly:  I was impressed.  It takes planning and (most importantly) *time* to test out a recipe made from food storage (not to mention non-electric cooking options) and this week there was truly “no fear” from those who jumped in — even in the first week!  Great job to all of you!!  Your points have been counted and even if you didn’t win this week’s weekly prize you’ve got a score going. Continue reading