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“Biggest Prepper” Contest!!

29 Jan

I’m SO excited to announce to you that from Febrary 5th until April 30th I’m hosting a fantastic contest I’m calling “The Biggest Prepper Challenge”!!  I definitely want YOU to be a part of it!  All the details on how to play and the prizes you can earn are contained in this post, so read carefully before you start.

By participating, you’re sure to gain invaluable skills and information for yourself in building your own family’s food storage meal plan while ALSO winning some of my favorite things to help you in expanding that preparedness.

Due to a host of extremely generous vendors, this challenge — and the chance to win some of the best tools and food storage supplies on the market — you have a great opportunity here to create a base of recipes for your own family’s plan while earning prizes.  Your success is completely up to you and the work you’re willing to put into it.  This is NOT a random selection win giveaway or a joint blog collaboration.  It’s exclusive to My Food Storage Cookbook and will be judged entirely by me, your author.

Due to current shipping prices (which are expected to be rising in the near future), this challenge is open only to those living in the US lower 48.  I’m sorry if this excludes anyone, I’d really love to offer it to the whole wide world, but it’s the best I could do to be able to offer an amazing contest to the greatest number of people.

So go ahead and watch the video below as I explain my personal “what’s, why’s & how’s” of doing this, read the details here in the post and get ready to join in!  I’m sure in the end I’ve probably missed answering some question you might have, so if I did (or if you’re just totally excited and want to tell me about it) leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to get your questions answered.

Who knows, YOU could be our Biggest Food Storage Prepper!!

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Honduran Baleadas: Flour Tortillas

18 Jan

Maria, who I introduced you to last week, invited me over this week to join her as she was making one of Honduras’s most popular foods, baleadas!  I’d never tried them before so for me this was a treat!  A thick flour tortilla folded in half and filled (traditionally) with mashed fried beans fresh crumbled cheese and crema (both of which she remembers making herself growing up).  The heart of the meal — it’s flour tortilla — is a meal mainstay which, once learned, can be used in making enchiladas, quesadillas and many other favorites to be added to a preparedness plan.

Once again, I decided to use a few videos to better capture the techniques she uses and once again (in addition to a recipe) I came away learning some great “other” ideas in self sufficiency.  For example…do you know how to keep a pot of beans fresh for days on end even without refrigeration, meaning that you don’t have to throw anything away or waste your resources cooking new beans every day?  Maria knows this trick and shares it with us today. 

I love the simplified solutions in cooking she’s been taught (as well as some she’s come up with on her own) — these ideas fit perfectly with the self reliant “do it with less” mindset we’re looking to learn from and I’m so glad she’s been willing to share. Continue reading

Simple Cooking with Basics: Corn Tortillas & Honduran Empanadas

10 Jan

Today I’m so excited to get to introduce you to my friend, Maria, originally from the country of Honduras, who agreed to share with us some of the cooking skills she was taught growing up!  These things, while simple, are skills most of us here in the states have never been taught.  In trying to feed our families — and especially in arming ourselves with the preparedness skills that can make the most of little resources, these are especially valuable skills to have.  I know I’ve learned a lot from her already!   Continue reading