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Food Storage Products I Buy

2 Nov

There’s lots of products and brands to choose from as you navigate the food storage market.  I decided to gather up all my favorites — and ask around to others — in order to compile an unbiased list as to what’s been opened, tasted and passed off as being of good quality you can depend on.  If you’re storing foods that are not on this list, please be sure to open them up yourself and TRY them!   If they’re good, let us know in the comments!

Most people want to save these foods for an emergency rather than open them to try.  I understand, they’re pricey and you don’t want to open the can. However, please don’t do that!  You might find out at the worst time (when it’s a crisis) that you’ve stored an inedible product and worse yet, that you don’t have the ingredients you were depending on after all.

As far as what’s out there, I can speak from personal experience that some of the things I’ve bought and opened have been awful.  I don’t care how hungry my kids found themselves, there would be *no way* they would eat some of the things I’ve been forced to throw away.  The good news though is that there are some very good products out there along side the bad ones. Continue reading