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Canning Meats 101: Raw Pack for Boneless Meats

17 Sep

Well, my wonder oven sets have all been sent off to their new owners and we’re settled into September after having had a nice summer break!  It’s time to jump back into learning!  One of the things I’ve been wanting to learn myself is how to can meats SAFELY.  I’ve seen various instructions online and haven’t found any that make me feel comfortable to do it myself.  Either they’re intimidating (assuming I already know all the parts and pieces of a canner) or I find myself questioning whether I’d accidentally kill my family with my experimental canning concoction.  I wanted a pictured tutorial from someone who really knows.

I turned to preparedness author and expert Cheryl Driggs to offer guidance.  Cheryl’s formal education is in Food Science and she’s taught home storage and preparedness classes since 1977.  She’s the author of Simply Prepared:  A Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage as well as Pantry Cooking:  Unlocking Your Pantry’s Potential.   In addition, you can find more of her work over at her website  She’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to canning — what works and what doesn’t –and I’m so grateful she took on my challenge!  I know you’ll appreciate it too. Continue reading

58 Wonder Oven sets available at the lowest price EVER!

2 Sep

I know for myself how critical owning a Wonder Oven is to being able to cook with your food storage.  There’s no tool out there to compare it to.  The conservation of fuel saved by using a wonder oven — worst case scenerio — could be what literally saves your family from running out of fuel (and starving) before running out of the food you have stored.

Because I believe having a wonder oven is so important, and because there aren’t nearly enough people who have access to one,  I took on a bigger than normal project this summer.   The problem I believe isn’t that people don’t want to try it, it’s that the pillows themselves are hard to come by.  From their specialized beads to their abnormally angled pattern they’re admittedly a hassle for the average person to make.  On the other hand, buying them pre-made costs between $50-$60 dollars, money that many are skeptical to spend on a couple of bean bag pillows that are somehow supposed to cook your food (something they’ve never actually seen work before).  Knowing first hand all the AMAZING things you can make with a wonder oven , I realized something had to be done to get more of these marvelous tools out there!!

So … I decided to give you an opportunity you’ll never see again.  I have 58 wonder oven sets that now need good homes.

*** THIS DEAL IS SOLD OUT.  Do email me (address: if you’re interested in receiving a pattern to make one yourself.*** Continue reading