Calling Southeast Idaho: Food Storage Classes

5 Jul

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10 Responses to “Calling Southeast Idaho: Food Storage Classes”

  1. Pam Emick July 5, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    Look how cool you are! I can say I knew you when!

    • myfoodstoragecookbook July 6, 2013 at 2:52 am #

      Haha, Pam! Well, I don’t know how glamorous being a food storage foodie is, but I’m having fun!

  2. Amy Tuck July 5, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    Awesome! I told my Boise friend to let her Idaho Falls family know you are coming! If you ever go to Boise, Eagle, or Meridian, Idaho, I will have a slew of people to send your way (that’s where I am from!). Best wishes!

    • myfoodstoragecookbook July 6, 2013 at 2:49 am #

      Thanks Amy for that! Fun coincidence, I grew up in Boise too! I’d love to go back there sometime.

  3. Becky Pendleton July 9, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    My mom told me about your website…I love it! I will be using it all the time from now on!

  4. Tauna July 18, 2013 at 3:48 am #

    The class tonight was fabulous. Thank you for sharing your talents.

    • Megan July 18, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

      Oh thank you, and thanks for coming! I had a great time!

  5. Tauna August 3, 2013 at 2:33 am #

    Megan, I need some direction on how you get unexpanded polystyrene beads. I called the place in WA and they don’t sell to the public, I called a place called insulfoam and the beads were 50.00 and the shipping 650.00! I have just been unable to find the tiny beads you had at the class. Any ideas.

    • Megan August 6, 2013 at 12:39 am #

      Oh my goodness! That’s terrible. I’ll shoot you an email so it’s easier to keep track of our conversation.

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