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Homemade “Instant” Hot Cocoa Mix

21 Jun

Print the recipe card!  homemade instant hot cocoa mix

So I’m back again with another recipe (lol!).

See, I’ve got this quirk now since writing this blog.  It seems that anytime I find someone claiming to have “the very best” of whatever recipe — even hot cocoa with it being a week and a half before the 4th of July–  I feel compelled to test it to see if it’s true or not.  So there you go, and if you can believe it I have another one to post for you next week too.  {“…Hi, I’m Megan and I’m addicted to experimenting with food storage.”}  Well, there are vices worse than that so I’ll take it.  And this recipe was so easy I didn’t want to save it until September, that would’ve been silly.  On with it!

Okay, so the bright side is that I’ve truely found the BEST homemade “just add water” hot cocoa mix!  I tested it against another “best” mix just to be sure and this one indeed brought the “wows”.  Everyone chose it without any hesitation, so there’s no doubt (for us) it’s our new #1.  In the past I’ve been a big fan of Stephen’s hot chocolate, and never really thought about making my own mix because I’ve liked Stephen’s so much, even though it was pricey.  With this mix I’m totally a homemade hot chocolate convert and I plan to use my LorAnn oils to create some fun varieties with it.  The basic recipe was originally shared here and my only change was that I subbed in Heavy Cream Powder for the creamer it called for.  I’m personally afraid of the ingredients listed in grocery store creamers so this is the way I was able to make it work for us.

Another thing I love about this mix is that you save SO much money by making it yourself!  I’ve combined the ingredients list here with the prices just so you can see it for yourself (the printable recipe card won’t include all these details).  Check out these numbers: Continue reading

Review: Food Supply Depot Emergency Meals

13 Jun

There are many directions you can go with food storage, and today’s review represents another option.  While I generally discourage processed pouch meals, I recognize that they do have their place.  These type of meals would be great for a 72 hour kit.  Most of the time I’d much rather make a meal –even if it needs to be quick –from ingredients I’ve put together myself.  You can visit my pantry meal archive to see some favorite quick to make recipes.

One of the problems of the emergency foods market, however, is that you rarely find objective opinions about the products you see online.  Most every review seems to have some monetary attachment to it, so it’s hard for the reader to know exactly where the review is coming from.  I’d love to see more independant product reviews for my own reading especially for food storage products.  These are meals many are buying (basing their purchasing on advertising and opinions from paid affiliates) yet no one is tasting for themselves because they’re being saved up for an emergency. was open to an honest opinion — no matter what I might say –so I was happy to oblige. Continue reading

Hanging Up the Apron

5 Jun

The joyous day has finally come …for me at least!!  After almost two years and 151 recipes, I’m finally ready to “call it good” as far as recipes go.  While I haven’t made every solitary thing that can possibly be made with food storage, I’m confident that within the methods I’ve shared everything important is covered.
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Spaghetti Pie

2 Jun

Print the recipe page!  spaghetti pie

Adapted for food storage from this  Mel’s Kitchen recipe, which she says happens to be her family’s favorite dinner, this one’s a sure “kid and family” pleaser.  The recipe calls for 4 oz  “1/3 less fat” cream cheese, which cooperates perfectly with our pantry-made cream cheese recipe!  If making 100% with food storage and trying to cook the Spaghetti Pie in a sun oven (mid morning is best), consider making the cream cheese the night before, (allowing it to strain overnight) so it’s ready to go in the morning.

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