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Chicken and Corn Chowder with Sweet Potatoes

31 Jan

Print the recipe card!  chicken and corn chowder with sweet potatoes

Two unlikely ingredients make this thick and hearty corn chowder a great food storage recipe!  Warning:  by revealing these ingredients you’re likely to read on and think I’ve lost it…(news flash, I lost it a loong time ago ;))…either that or you’ll forge ahead and try it anyway.  I hope you will.  Get ready… and try to keep a straight face!

serves 6-8

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Working food storage into the day to day menu plan

28 Jan

I’ve had this type of question come up at least half a dozen times now so I thought I’d post the answer in case there are any others of you who are wondering the same thing.

Q:   How do you rotate your pantry meals and other food storage food?  Do you just add in one pantry meal per week to your regular menu plan?

With a busy family, pantry meals work easily into a weekly menu because they’re fast and convenient to make.  Honestly, I don’t  put much thought into “planning” them into our menu, they work themselves into it due to necessity.  To demonstrate, our usual week looks like this… Continue reading

Perfect “Just Add Water” Pancake Mix

26 Jan

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It’s tough to find a boxed pancake mix that doesn’t turn out pancakes that are heavy and dense and bordering on flavorless.  This recipe is one you can mix yourself from shelf stable ingredients, has a “made from scratch” taste and makes a lighter pancake.  The flavor boosting “secret” ingredient is malted milk, not something you’d think to add into your pancake mix, but believe me you’ll like it!

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Where I store our food storage

24 Jan

The tricky eventuality of having food storage is that you actually have to find a place to store the food, as well as have some sort of functional system to keep it accessible and rotated.  Living in Texas added some challenges for us with the heat and humidity,  not to mention the bugs.  The houses here aren’t built with basements and the garage, due to the heat (outside of housing a spare freezer) is entirely off limits for storage.  Our food storage is stored inside the house, along with the seven people who live here and I try to keep it from being overly noticeable.

While my ideas here won’t work for some, they work for me.  My choice to have food storage has a price (beyond the money I paid for it) requiring nearly a “whole house effort” to store it.  I’ve decided it’s worth the trade of having a magazine perfect house in exchange for the security and independence of being able to feed my family on my own if needed.

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Savory Seitan Roulade with Wild Rice and Dried Cranberry Stuffing

17 Jan

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savory seitan roulade

savory seitan roulade pg 2

I’ve been intrigued with the idea of trying out a seitan (aka wheat meat) styled “roast” ever since my wheat meat post last spring.  So when I saw this recipe from Susan Voisen, which looked so amazingly good, I knew I had to try it!  Her seitan recipe (using powdered vital wheat gluten) is so much simpler to make than my last go at it, and the results are remarkably delicious.  I can easily imagine ordering this “un-meat” at a vegan restaurant and loving it, even including the food storage substitutions!  My mother in law enjoys eating at those kind of places so I’m definitely going to have to make this dish for her at some point, I think she’ll really like it.

I did change up the stuffing recipe, I liked the idea of using wild rice rather than bread, but you can fiddle with the stuffing and make it the way you prefer. Continue reading

Pantry Made Cream Butter

12 Jan

The biggest “test” for this Heavy Cream Powder, to me,  was whether or not it could make butter and whether the butter (if it made any) would melt.  I wanted to find out what this stuff was made out of.  The container claims it’s a product with 72% butterfat…pretty unbelievable to me.  Making butter would tell whether that was the truth or not. Continue reading

Pantry Made Cream Cheese

10 Jan

Print the recipe card!  pantry made cream cheese

It’s all about the ingredients!  Today and again on Friday I’m excited to introduce you to my new favorite pantry friend, Heavy Cream Powder with 72% butterfat.  I hear your brains reeling out there.  For real, did you even know such a product existed??!

I heard about it three months ago thanks to a comment from Plickety Cat (Jennine).  After ordering I was anxious to go online to see how it was used but didn’t find much outside of using it for coffee creamer.  Professional chefs use it to add richness to a dish without adding liquid, but that’s all I could find.  There aren’t even mixing instructions on the package(s).  I called the company (Wilpowder) for more information, but outside of explaining that mixing it should be 3:1 (water to powder), they couldn’t tell me anything.  So we’re on our own in figuring out applications for it.  I’m happy to test things out with it myself if it means I can make actual cream cheese (and other such wonders) from my food storage. Continue reading