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Salt Water Taffy

29 Sep

Print the recipe page!  salt water taffy

My kids and I have had a ball learning how to make taffy this month!  After trying a number of batches and learning what works along the way, this one from Paula Deen is the one we’re keeping and adding to our food storage cookbook.    Now that we’ve got the recipe and the system down, we’re ready to invite some friends over for an old fashioned taffy pull!

makes about 60 pieces of taffy

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No-Bake Chewy Granola Bars

27 Sep

Print the recipe card!  no-bake chewy granola bars

So I’ve been posting food storage recipes for a year now and still haven’t posted a granola bar recipe. Seriously, what kind of survivalist blogger am I…no granola bars?? Well, I’ve finally found what I consider to be the ideal food storage granola bar recipe.  It’s perfect (as in “it deserves it’s own parade” perfect) and I’m really excited to share it with you!

I need to explain why I’m so in love with these granola bars.  First (and this is BIG) they don’t fall apart.  Against all odds they’ve achieved the ultimate goal of being actual granola bars instead of granola chunks and pieces, which is what usually happens. Secondly, they’re fabulously nutritious .  They’re also made in just one pot (love love love), are fast to make, taste GREAT and require no baking!   I’m beside myself.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that my kids and husband all loved them.  Which, even if they hadn’t, I’d still have used the recipe because I myself loved them so much.

Before moving onto the recipe, I have to thank the author of it, Jami from “An Oregon Cottage”.  I only changed one ingredient to make it storable long term otherwise it’s entirely hers.  I’m so glad someone finally got it right!  We’re going to be using this recipe a lot!

makes 20 bars

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Homemade Marshmallows

22 Sep

Print the recipe page! (revised per comments) homemade marshmallows 1

You won’t believe how easy these are to make!  Marshmallows are such a fun treat and (without even knowing it) you probably already have all the ingredients on hand.  I’ve made two batches here (for comparison), one using my standing mixer and one mixed by hand; it works either way, so even without electricity you could still make them to go with all that hot chocolate you’re storing.  Beyond hot chocolate, just wait until you try them made into one of our favorite treats…S’mores Bites!

makes 18-22 marshmallows

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Tortilla Soup

19 Sep

Print the recipe page!   tortilla soup 

This Tortilla Soup was one I adapted for my plan from Emeril’s Favorite Tortilla Soup.  We really like it!   It’s extremely mild while still flavorful, so it works well for both kids and adults;  spice is added for those who want it upon serving.  Also, since I try to to save cooking fuel and go non-electric whenever I can, I used my sun oven to bake the tortilla strips.

Also, I’ve got a new tortilla pressing technique!  In making tortillas the most tedious part (for me) is pressing them. It’s a trick, if not a battle, to press a very thin and even dough (as needed for chips) that will peel off the wax paper easily to transfer to the hot skillet.  Not to mention that it requires a lot of wax paper!  Well, in my search to simplify, I’ve re-purposed some flexible cutting mats to help me do the job faster and easier.  It no longer requires a tortilla press, the pressed dough releases much easier and {horray!} it doesn’t use any wax paper!!

serves 4-6

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Your Recipe Cards Are Here!

15 Sep

No cooking today… I’ve been busy at my computer!  The printable recipe cards (all except 10) have been added!!

A HUGE thanks to my sister Melese for creating them!

Here are the details:

Where (to find them):  at the top of each post

How (to print them):  

the cards — uncheck the “fit to page” option and they’ll fit on a 4 x 6 card

the pages — these are full sized 8 x 10 recipes (too much info for a 4 x 6 card)

What (other printing options do I have?):  At the bottom of each post you can print the entire post if you want, step by step pictures and all.  This might be helpful to keep as reference for some of the more complicated recipes.

Why:  To build your own food storage cookbook!  Now it’s easier than ever!

When:  Get started now!  Refer to the “Create your Own Book” page at the top of the blog!

Lasagna Rolls

12 Sep

Print the recipe page!  lasagna rolls

The two winning ingredients in these lasagna rolls are the copy cat ricotta cheese and the Barilla brand no-boil lasagna noodles.  The ricotta cheese is a result of me tweaking around in the kitchen and {somewhat accidentally} creating a clone of something I like to cook with often.  The no-boil noodles are ideal because they’re “sturdy” enough to roll the filling into while still having the delicate texture of fresh pasta we like.

My whole family loves this meal plus it’s an easy one to make in the sun oven.  My 13 year old even asks for it specifically so he can have the leftovers in his lunch the next day!

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Free give away time!

10 Sep

Last week I was out shopping and found these *perfect* containers for  making muffins in your Wonder Oven!  They were an absolute steal so I picked up a set for YOU!  The plastic lids they come with, btw, would be great to use in cutting the dough in  homemade pringles, crackers, pot stickers or biscuits!

Leave a comment promising to give these babies a good home and I’ll choose a winner {and post it in the comments} on Saturday!

For those who may not know what a Wonder Oven is, here’s a quick video that explains it well.  You can either make or buy the wonder oven pillows;  information on that can be found in this post.  If you’re interested in learning about cooking in one, there are a number of wonder oven cooking posts to be found here on the blog via the recipe index or category archives!

***I’ve been told some people have had trouble posting comments.  If that happens, just post a note to me on facebook or send me an email ( and I’ll count you in!