Biscotti Cookies

20 Apr

This recipe comes from Pam Emick’s “Bread in a Bag – Book Two”.  For those who are new to the blog I had a chance to try out a recipe  from her first book and share it with everyone back in November over in this post.  In this latest book, you’ll find even more bread recipes bagged “pantry style” for convenience, but this time in addition to breads she’s also included a variety of muffin, wheat-free breads, sourdough, cracker and cookie recipes.  I love finding a book like this that’s figured everything out for me and made it easy to understand with step by step pictures.

So I was excited to try the biscotti cookie recipe she had in this latest book and wanted to see if it would also work in my sun oven.  They turned out just great!  Pam was kind enough to agree to let me post the recipe for you to try out too!  You’re going to love them!

You can buy the book over at Amazon or Create Space.  Also, if you’d like to see a table of contents and try a few other recipes, visit the “look inside” details on Amazon for 2 muffin recipes from the book as well as 2 bread recipes.

Here’s the recipe for you to print and use, straight from the book.  Thanks, Pam!

Biscotti Cookies

Biscotti Cookies 2


Following the directions, here’s my dough just before going in the oven.  As a side note, my dough was initially drier than the pictures in the book suggested but thanks to having the pictures to follow I was able to easily adjust it with a little water and it was just fine.

Baking in the sun oven at 300-350 degrees for 45 minutes (there’s a pencil shut in the oven door to allow steam to escape).

Baked and ready to slice…

At this point, since the recipe calls for slicing it and then baking it to make it crunchy, I wanted to test it out between my sun oven and my conventional oven.  The slices baked in the sun oven 20 minutes each side, conventional oven 10 minutes each side.

Here are the two batches after baking.  The browning again wasn’t easy to get in the sun oven (just a tiny bit) but even still they dried while cooking so they still had some crunch.

I set them out on a sheet of wax paper and drizzled with melted chocolate using a “snipped” ziploc bag…

At room temperature it took an hour and a half for the melted chocolate to set up again.  This detail was a funny thing I’d never think to plan for, since normally if I were going to make a dessert drizzled with chocolate I’d just put it into the refrigerator to cool and set up.  Without a refrigerator however I’d have to plan for more time, or have messy chocolate fingers everywhere.

We really liked this recipe and will definitely be making these again.  They were easy to make and something a little different for dessert!

2 Responses to “Biscotti Cookies”

  1. PlicketyCat April 26, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    These biscotti are great, and they also work well in my little stovetop oven on my woodstove. Since I’m all about variations, I twiddled with these as well 🙂

    You can make minty biscotti to accompany hot chocolate or mochas, and several herbal teas, by subbing the anise extract with peppermint extract and replacing some/all of the sliced almonds with crushed peppermint candies (a great use for leftover candy canes!).

    If you’re not fond of anise/licorice, you can sub out the anise extract for vanilla extract, lemon extract, or orange extract. The citrus extracts are better with tea than coffee, but the orange ones are surprisingly good with hot chocolate.

    Any of these varieties are all excellent drizzled or dipped in chocolate; but the anise/almond and vanilla/almond ones are also wonderful drizzled or dipped in caramel which is a great alternative for those folks who are allergic to chocolate.

    And a little kitchen accident helped me discover that the vanilla/almond ones are great with about a teaspoon of freeze-dried raspberry dust/crumbles in them…. very yummy with hot chocolate.

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