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Perfect Stovetop Popped Popcorn

31 Mar

Just a short little technique tip here.  Most anyone who’s tried popping popcorn on the stove has (at some point) wound up scorching the popcorn on the bottom of the pot while at the same time leaving other kernals unpopped altogether.

Since my electric popcorn popper depends on just that, electricity, I wanted to learn the right way to pop popcorn over a direct heat source minus the {cough} smoke and frustration.  Happily, I found a great way to do it that not only avoids the scorching but also pops every kernal in the pot nearly all at once.

Happy Popping!

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Rice Salad with Oranges, Olives and Almonds

31 Mar

Print the recipe card!  rice salad with oranges

This light rice salad is a great one for when the weather starts heating up.  I really like the flavors and textures this salad includes; it’s something different for a potluck that everyone will enjoy!

To get the rice to remain light and fluffy (instead of heavy and clumped)  for use in a salad like this you’ll want to try out this {unusual} technique for cooking rice.  It’s great for when you’re wanting rice to taste like it was “just cooked” even after being cooled for a while.  The trick here is to begin by toasting the rice and then boil it in a full pot of water (like you would with pasta), drain it and then spread it out on a baking sheet to cool and dry off.  It works!  No more clumpy rice 10 minutes after cooking time.

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Quick Pantry Clam Chowder

29 Mar

Print the recipe card!  pantry clam chowder

Finding a good clam chowder recipe that uses only food storage ingredients was harder than you’d think it would be.  Finally, after many recipes tried, this was the best one (by far) that we tasted.  I’d happily serve this to company, so with that it’s earned a spot in my cookbook.

It’s adapted from the “Quick Pantry Clam Chowder” recipe found in March 1998’s Cook’s Illustrated magazine.  Not only is it a really fast (1o minute) meal to put together, as far as clam chowder goes it tastes just right.  Enjoy!

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Homemade Cool Ranch Doritos

24 Mar

Print the recipe page!  homemade cool ranch doritos

There’s a blogger out in cyberspace (link here) who deserves a huge applause for testing and figuring out this chip’s seasoning recipe.  It’s great!  Combined with homemade tortilla chips (made easily w/all food storage ingredients) I can confidently now persuade my kids and husband away from buying the tempting and naughty bag of Doritos at the grocery store.  {Three cheers!}

While still not completely guilt free, these chips are a much better health choice than the store bought ones.  Plus they taste amazingly like the real thing and, let us not forget, can be made 100% from food storage!  {I’m in heaven.}  On with the recipe…

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Whole Wheat Crackers

22 Mar

Print the recipe card!  whole wheat crackers

This recipe is going to get you using up your wheat in a hurry!  You can make these crackers a hundred different ways (depending on how you decide to season them), any way you make them they’ll disappear fast.  My kids just love these crackers!

This recipe comes from Allrecipes, where you’ll find lots of ideas in the comments section of other ways these crackers have been seasoned.   Today I made a cheese cracker variety out of them and (my favorite) rosemary and garlic.  They’re easy to make and yummy to snack on!

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book find!

21 Mar

Our family’s spring break adventure last week was awesome!  We took a 4,700 mile road trip to visit Mormon church history sites ranging from Missouri to New York and everyone had a great time.  Well, with all that driving there was a lot of spare time in the car.  Luckily, while in a book store in NY,  this book caught my eye and helped to pass a portion of the time.  I ‘m really happy I found it and I’m excited to share it with you!

The book is called “The Forgotten Skills of Self Sufficiency used by the Mormon Pioneers” by Caleb Warnock.  If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll tell you a little bit about it.  The book focuses on how early pioneers were able to plant and harvest, both during the main growing season as well as early/ late season so as to nearly always have fresh food to eat.  I’ll tell you, speaking personally, if there’s one draw back to cooking with food storage you learn early on it’s the measure to which you find yourself missing fresh vegetables along side a meal!  I’m really excited about the ideas contained in this book as well as the author’s plans for subsequent books to be coming out in the next year or so.  Here’s a bit of what you’ll find… Continue reading

Wonder Oven Lasagna

10 Mar

Print the recipe card!  wonder oven lasagna

Since I’ve been on a Wonder Oven cooking kick lately I thought I’d throw out one more idea on the topic before taking a blogging break next week to go on a trip with my family.

This has to be the easiest way out there to make lasagna!  I love it because it only takes one pan to make and I can get it started and then forget about it until dinner.  To make it into a long term storage meal,  use either freeze dried or home canned beef/sausage (in the sauce), food storage ricotta style cheese in place of fresh (see 8/24th’s post) and top it with rehydrated freeze dried mozzarella cheese.   {P.S. — you can see how freeze dried mozzarella is rehydrated and used by checking out either 10/5th’s  or 1/21st’s post.}

This is so easy that a simple step by step with pictures is all it needs here on the blog for explanation … Enjoy!

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