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Bread Making Day: Meat Pie & Cinnamon Raisin Bread

29 Feb

The first step after bringing wheat home to store is learning what to do with it.  The second step (and possibly the more difficult one) is getting to work and using it.  So lets talk daily bread — probably the biggest place your wheat could go!

As far as taste, you’d pick homemade bread everyday if a magic fairy delivered it to your door and made you choose between it and a loaf of bread from the grocery store.  So…if you’re storing wheat but buying bread I’d bet it’s only because of how much time it takes.  Learning how to make the bread is easy.  Where it becomes overwhelming is in constantly adding “making bread” to your already crazy busy life.  Who has the time to do that??

I’ve discovered (atleast for me) the key is making an event of it once every 2-3-4 weeks and making enough all at once to keep in the freezer.   Today’s post is about what I do to turn out 11 – 15 loaves of bread plus dinner that night and breakfast for the next morning and still keep my sanity.  True, it makes a mad scientist mess of my kitchen for a few hours, but in the long run it saves me time and work.

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shall we cook?

28 Feb

Life is finally back to normal again!  Yay for that!  I’ve got some great recipes to post this week but before I do I just wanted to ask you food storage minds out there for your feedback.  Our family is expecting a new addition in a few months (it’s a girl and we’re so excited!!), so with that in mind I’m anxious to get as many recipes as I can up the next two months before I have to slow things down in preparation for our new baby.

So…what type of recipes are you most interested in seeing?  Quick fix pantry meals — meals using grains — homemade pastas — wonder oven ideas — gluten free — snacks & breakfasts — international styled varieties ??  What kinds of recipes do you wish you had more of in your food storage arsenal?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

Oh and thanks to all of you who left comments and sent emails wishing me well while I was away…you’re great!  I’m officially afraid of my knives now, which is probably a good thing 😉

Unplanned interruption

1 Feb

Sorry friends, but I’m going to have to take a couple weeks off of posting recipes due to a finger injury.  While chopping vegetables the other day there was a knife fight and my finger lost.  Silly, (and not to mention painful) but true.  I’ll hurry back as soon as it’s better!