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Multi Grain Granola

11 Dec

Print the recipe card!  multi grain granola

This granola is amazing — nutritionally speaking — and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, loved it.  It’s entertaining too — you’ll giggle every time your little one asks for “more granoli pwease” knowing they have no idea how much good stuff their eating up.  Thanks again to Chef Brad for this recipe and allowing me share it.

Makes 30 cups of granola

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Italian Polenta Bake

7 Dec

Print the recipe card!  italian polenta bake

Give polenta a try!  It’s something different /easy to make and requires basic ingredients that can be stored.  You can add anything you like to it from mushrooms to broccoli to herbs and cheese, or you can choose to keep it plain and simple as a base for something else.  This recipe is a keeper at my house — I think you’ll like it too!  Here are some other ideas for using polenta in your meals:  Continue reading

Easiest Beef Stew

3 Dec

Print the recipe card!  easiest beef stew

I have a couple of beef stew recipes.  This is the one I make when I don’t want to have to think about cooking or when I want to hand off making dinner to one of my kids  [it’s that easy!].  It comes from the book “It’s in the Bag” (  There’s nothing to it!

Prep time: 5 minutes

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