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Balsamic Tortellini

30 Sep

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It’s hard not to love this one.  It’s super yummy and takes less than five minutes prep time to make.  In fact, the extent of your effort will be to boil a pot of water… you’ve gotta love that!  On top of that, those you prepare it for will applaud your culinary inaction with all kinds of compliments.  Just be polite and say thank you anyway.

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Beef & Sour Cream

28 Sep

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This five minute pantry meal comes from Jan Jackson’s book “100 Day Pantry”.  I’m grateful to her for allowing me share it here! We’ve really enjoyed this ‘nothing to it’ meal — I’m sure you will too!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

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Baking Bread in a Sun Oven

23 Sep

One of my goals this month has been to nail down a better method (yielding a better end result) in baking bread using my sun oven. It’s not too much to ask — a browned crust and lovely bread is all I want. After searching the internet for ideas and testing them out Continue reading

Arroz con Pollo

21 Sep

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There are many variations on this dish.  If you already have a favorite Arroz con Pollo recipe chances are it can be turned into a food storage meal!  I chose this one, inspired by Chef Brad’s “Those Wonderful Grains II”, because it includes two grains that I store, quinoa and millet.  Also, mustering up my courage, I finally decided to give whole canned chicken it’s day in court.  I’ve been wondering for a while what this product was like — after trying it everyone here agreed, it really wasn’t bad!

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Wonder Oven 101: Cooking Meat

16 Sep

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Quick little detour today from long term cooking to show you a low fuel cooking option involving one of my favorite wonders of the world…my Wonder Oven!  One thing I just love using it for is cooking meat.  It’s simple to do, cooks the meat perfectly tender and I don’t ever have to worry about it burning.  Just wait until you taste meat cooked in a Wonder Oven — it’ll quickly become your favorite too!

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Hot Ham Rolls

14 Sep

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Our kids love these rolls! Thanks to the publisher of  “It’s in the Bag” ( for allowing me to reprint this great pantry meal recipe!  I’ve done just a couple of things differently since you saw it in my introductory videos.  Firstly, thanks to a great idea from a reader I’ve switched to using shortening powder rather than shortening.  It works perfectly and simplifies  the bagging process and meal prep time!  Secondly, because I’ve had problems with the baking powder hardening while it’s stored I’m now storing the flour mix in vacuum sealed bags.

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Mushroom Barley Burgers

9 Sep

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Here’s the story on this recipe.  Driving around a couple weeks ago I came across author Lukas Volger on the radio being interviewed about his new book “Veggie Burgers Every Which Way”.  His ideas on how to create a good veggie burger sounded great and I’m pretty sure it was lunch time at the time, which helped.  Well, I bet you can guess what I was thinking in the back of my mind… what a great idea for a food storage meal!  This particular recipe from his book was reprinted here and once I found it I just had to take a shot at creating a version that could be stored.

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